Received my bear rug yesterday. I know when we dropped it off in Winnipeg that the hide was not the greatest with scars and bald spots. The work your shop did to make this into a rug was awesome! I really like the final rug and the way the head came together.

Dan Simpson


Hi Trevor,

The wolf rug arrived today....we are 'more' than thrilled with it....it's beautiful...you did an awesome job!

Jim has 9 buck head mounts in our living room here at the lake right now...he said in the future any bucks will go to your business to be mounted!

Thanks again!
Leslie & Jim Ehlenbach


Received the wolf yesterday and it is incredible, still haven't taken it fully out of the crate quite yet but it is awesome so far. Thank you very much!

This is my first mount with this much hair, do you have any care tips or dos/don'ts? Just want to make sure I can keep it looking this great for a long time.

Thank you again,

Rob Dickson


Hi Trevor,

I got the birds today. Awesome. Great job on the work. Thank you.



I got my bear rug and skull today and they are great… I really do appreciate all you did. If ever anyone from the state's are looking for reference of your work or professionalism please give them my name or email or phone number. I will give you highest marks on work, the skull is awesome and you did all you said you would.



Hello Trevor,

The bear is all set up in Marc's new house and it looks AMAZING!!

Thank you so much again for the great work and communication.




F*** Ya! Fisher looks great. Sorry it took so long to pick it up just couldn't seem to get up there. Also me and the boys are very happy with the moose you did. That drop tine is awesome . I will gladly send as many people your way as I can.

Take care,





Thank you for taking the time on my questions and taking pictures for me. It really is appreciated. I don't know anything about taxidermy/trapping/hunting. This was a gift from my mom so I guess I wasn't sure what to expect. Your work is beautiful !
Thank you again for taking time out of your day. Again, much appreciated !



Trevor here is the bear mount on our wall. Looks really really good. Lots of compliments. Just want to say thank you and I appreciate the work you put into him. Thank you.

Tory and Terri Hanson Evans, Colorado

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